50 Things I Care Deeply About

1. My lil doggy.
2. Anyone else’s dog if it looks like mine.
3. My parents.
4. Professional Athletes.
5. The Minnesota Wild.
6. All the characters from the original 90210.
7. The color and length of my hair.
8. The number on the scale.
9. Civic Duty.
10. Your manners.
11. Winning, regardless of the competition.
12. Girl Code.
13. Happiness.
14. Optimism.
15. New York Magazine.
16. Radio Stations.
17. A belief that you have a moral obligation not to be a huge dumbass waste of space.
18. My roommate.
19. The health and happiness of every single contact in my phone.
20. Northern Minnesota.
21. Alone time.
22. Britney Spears.
23. Online magazines.
24. Alt Lit sweethearts.
25. The importance of your perspective.
26. Feminist philosophy.
27. Hillary Clinton.
28. Your stressors.
29. Poetry.
30. The film Legally Blonde.
31. The people my close friends date.
32. My job.
33. That there aren’t enough things you can share or conversations you can have.
34. Print magazines.
35. My iPhone battery life.
36. My TV dad, Ron Schara (and more specifically Raven Schara).
37. Putting your cell phone down when you get IRL with people.
38. Integrity.
39. The proliferation of danceable music + dance bars.
40. That you know how to make and serve a decent salad.
41. Self depreciation.
42. Vulnerability.
43. Whether you like Bruce Springsteen.
44. Fun.
45. Being treated with respect.
46. The healing benefits of car dancing.
47. Anything that feels cathartic.
48. That people who say “that’s just the way it is” need to be dumped out of your life immediately.
49. My best friend’s stupid cat that keeps trying to kill itself.
50. All you dumbies.