About PhiLΦLZophy

PhiLOLZophy exists at the dialectical tension between high and low brow. We ask questions like, “How can you interpret Britney’s ‘Slave 4 U’ in terms of Nietzsche’s master/slave morality?” And sometimes we even answer them.

We are philosophers who are at all times contemplating something, whether it be The Bachelorette or the teleological suspension of the ethical or how to win a boy who has a girlfriend. Usually all three.

If you wanna know more, junk a question into our Formspring, read our FAQs, or check out the testimonials below (yes people have really said these things about us.)

i’m currently drunk. but i love your blog

Your Blog wins at life. Thanks for existing.

This is the singular greatest blog of all time. End. Of. Story.

What you blog about is very funny, equal parts absurd and “haha” and exhaustingly ironic

hi yall are hawt + kewl. i luv yr thots re “the philosophies.”

They’re severely off-kilter, in a deadly serious kind of way. I’ll have to add them to the bookmark list.

Jesus, I’ve never felt so insecure in my life. This is all too much fucking good.