Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are Sarah and Chrissy. We are BFFs who started e-mailing each other weird shit about the intersection between philosophy and pop culture after graduating from college and moving away from each other (tear) in like 2006, and in early 2010 we were like, “Hmm… wonder if anyone else wants to hear about this stuff.”

Do you have separate blogs?

No. This is our only blog. We have separate ‘internet presences’ on other platforms but we only have one joint blog.

Why don’t you differentiate between who writes each post?

Two reasons: 1) This blog only exists because of conversations we have had with each other. You will notice that the things we post take a ton of ‘collective consciousness’ in the sense that they are representative of things we have thought about and discussed together (even if the discussion happens ‘behind the scenes’ that the resultant post demonstrates a unified viewpoint. 2) We write everything together. Even if the other only glances at a post or edits it for grammar and things like that, nothing here is posted without the input of the other. So rather than reading an anonymous post written by one of us, you’re usually reading a collectively created post that represents both of our viewpoints. Plus, this gives us plausible deniability; we can write crazy ass shit and you have no idea which one of us is responsible for it!

What are your qualifications for writing about philosophy?

We met as undergraduate Philosophy majors. We both did graduate work and one of us went on to get a Master’s in a sub-discipline of Philosophy. The one who didn’t get a Master’s is probably more well-read in the field. We both read a lot of philosophical-themed Wikipedia pages. We’re qualified, trust us.

How old are you?


Where do you live?

In Minneapolis, the 15th greatest city in the United States if ranked by ‘size of media market.’ The #1 greatest city in the United States if ranked by proliferation and availability of tater tots.

What do you do besides blog?

Drink, rave, try to meet boys, listen to music, watch reality TV, cruise Tumblr, cuddle, listen to conspiracy talk radio.

Can I guest blog?

Typically we only accept guest blog submissions from people we have explicitly asked to write for us because we perceive via stalking their lifestream that they have things to say that would fit here. You’re absolutely welcome to propose something via e-mail at philolzophy dot gmail dot come but I can’t promise we’ll do anything with it besides add you to GChat.