How Things Can Change

I guess the Pop Serial rager was kind of successful because we are driving back to Minnesota and at least 50% of the people in this car have puked so far this morning leading to a lengthy lunch conversation about the pros and cons of barfing:


  • you totally feel better immediately after
  • you’ll spend less total time being hungover
  • gets rid of calories
  • people feel sorry for you
  • cooler than pooping in public
  • if you are barfing up something sweet it might taste good
  • feeling of accomplishment
  • cool bathroom floor feels good against your achey body


  • tastes gross
  • have to see things that used to be inside you
  • condescending stares of the other people in the public subway bathroom
  • may arouse misplaced concern re: bulimia
  • everything smells like puke
  • backsplash
  • feelings of guilt re: I’m too old for this