The Real World Drinking Game

Tonight is the third episode of the new series of the Real World. Seems like this season can’t be differentiated from any other season in the last 10 cycles except maybe there are no gay people on this one…. yet!

Anyway, this applies to any season across the board:

Drink every time a very attractive but also extremely impolite girl comments how she’s “not like other girls” or “is more like one of the guys” as an explanation or why she has no friends.

Drink every time someone says “I’m not here to make friends.”

Drink every time someone says that another person is “fake”.

Drink every time a cast member accuses another cast member of being there “for the wrong reasons.”

Drink twice every time a cast member accuses another cast member of not recognizing that they are on the Real World to “grow as a person.”

Drink every time a cast member has an unreciprocated or I-will-give-you-oral-sex-for-nothing-else-in-return relationship with another cast member.

Drink every time any demographic minority says “I hate how people like me are presented in a certain light” right before they publicly present themselves in that certain light.

Drink every time someone astronomically more attractive than the person on the cast pays attention to said cast member for the sake of camera exposure.

Take a shot for every pregnancy scare, STD scare, dead or dying family member, hometown breakup, and ‘shocking secret’ that is alluded to in one episode but turns out not to be a big deal in the next.